Wireless Networking



METCO designs, supplies, installs, configures, commissions, and operates wireless networks to address last-mile access, backhaul and backbone connectivity requirements of telecommunications operators, government institutions and private enterprises. We implement point-to-point microwave links to connect multiple sites of a wide area network. We can also implement point-to-multipoint wireless solutions based on WiMAX or other technologies.


Our solutions are deployed in a manner to ensure the most effective routing, the most efficient use of available spectrum, and the appropriate level of data security. We work with best-in-class equipment providers to build and manage our wireless networking solutions.


METCO has over 25 years of hands-on experience in planning and designing wireless networks for many of our region’s prominent telecommunications service providers and oil companies. We maintain vendor independence in recommending the solutions that best fit the business challenge at hand, and provide TDM, SDH or IP/Ethernet wireless products and solutions to address our clients’ needs.