Optical Networking



METCO is also a key player in engineering and deploying optical network solutions. We provide full optical transmission solutions which include the design, installation, connection, testing and commissioning of single-mode and multimode fiber networks. In turnkey networking projects, we also perform route planning, trenching, duct installation, and civil works.


METCO has partnership agreements with some of the world’s most advanced optical fiber cabling and networking equipment providers. Leveraging these partnerships, we offer the latest technologies to our customers to design and deploy SDH, IP/MPLS, DWDM, CWDM technologies to create networks accommodating bandwidth-hungry voice and video applications.


Optical networks installed by METCO serve the largest mobile service providers and enterprises in Kuwait and in Sudan and carry the larger part of these countries’ data traffic. The optical solutions implemented by METCO enable 3G and 4G services and enable service providers to offer reliable and fast internet service to businesses and communities.