Mission, Vision & Core Values




METCO is dedicated to providing its clients with end to end telecommunications solutions, from basic infrastructure to customized applications. We seek to address the challenges of their business using a turnkey approach to service delivery. We will constantly maintain outstanding quality of service and remain abreast of the latest innovations in our field in order to keep our offerings on the cutting edge of progress.




Our vision is to accelerate our Middle East and Africa expansion to become a leading force in the region's telecommunications contracting industry. We will reach our goal of leadership by:


  • Cementing our position as a strategic partner of our clients rather than a mere supplier or service provider
  • Being an employer of choice in the region and constantly developing our people's talent to maintain service excellence
  • Ensuring that we always deliver in compliance with the highest standards of quality
  • Demonstrating our commitment to enriching our community and to preserving the environment



Our Core Values


At METCO, our people share values that define our organization. We all adhere to principles of integrity, excellence, client experience, teamwork and personal growth.




METCO will endeavor to maintain an impeccable reputation. Integrity goes beyond adhering to a certain written code of Ethics. For METCO, Integrity is about consistently operating, thinking, behaving and interacting with the highest standards of moral values; it’s about repudiating conflict of interest and dealing candidly with all stakeholders. At METCO, we operate with uncompromising high ethical standards.



We aspire to superior performance and quality in everything we do. We adhere to standards of quality and industry regulations. We also adhere to norms of safety and security that are inherent to our work. We keep-up with the evolution of technology and techniques and seek to realize, through the delivery of our services, tangible business value for our clients.

At METCO, we encourage initiatives and recognize contributions. We challenge the norms to find innovative approaches to solutions; we prepare our employees for constant change and fast progress; and we excel in attention to detail to continually evolve and improve.


Client Experience:

At METCO, our customers are our partners and our relationship is a journey; We create strong communication links to understand our clients’ underlying needs. We design the right offerings for our customers. We deliver these offerings with the utmost professionalism. We develop our teams’ capabilities to exceed customer expectation.



We promote Teamwork as a principal way of working through: an effective internal communication strategy, inclusive meetings, cross functional teams, embracing diversity, commending cooperation and respect, and sharing accountability. At METCO, we facilitate the team alignment process.


Personal Growth:

At METCO we value learning and personal development. We believe that our people are at the core of the value that we provide to our clients. This is why we recruit the best talent and ensure that our employees pursue their development within the company, not merely through their exposure to the latest technologies, but also through coaching and training on proven service techniques and management practices. At METCO, we facilitate and acknowledge personal and professional growth.